My writing includes press releases, features, website copy, bios, newsletters, blog posts, social media, product descriptions, conceptual copy, non-profit development, speeches and internal communications.

Results of my work have appeared in Forbes, NBC, New York Times, MAKERS, Gothamist, Men’s Health, Prevention, BKLYNER, Edible Communities, YMCA NYC, Vamp and others.


Prevention Magazine:

“5 Teas You Should Sip for Their Health Benefits”

“Why You Should Take Better Care of Your Armpits”

“I Replaced My Morning Coffee With a Walk, Here’s What I Learned”

Organic Life:

“Jackfruit- Organic Life Archive” writing and photography

“I Tried 5 Popular Ways To Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs—This Is The Best One” writing and photography

“How to Cook with Vegan Cheese” writing and photography

“This Company Is Making “Single-Cow_ Hamburgers—Here’s Why You Should Care” writing and photography

Men’s Health Online:

“These 6 Unusual Grilling Recipes Will Shake Up Your BBQ”

“10 Grilling Tips from Expert Pitmasters”

“I Didn’t Use Soap for Two Weeks, Here’s What Happened”

“People Say This Meatless Burger Tastes Exactly Like Real Beef”

“7 Gross Foods that are Healthy”

“The 8 Best Foods for All-Day Energy”

“7 Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date”

BKLYNER Website:

“Cafe Zona Sur Syncs with Community”

“8th Avenue HotPot Stop!” writing and photography

“Sunset Park Unity March..”

Rooftops of NYC: “Kingsland Wildflowers Project”

Brooklyn Vegan Website:  “Astoria’s Uncaged Festival Shines Spotlight on Toy Piano”

Queens Chronicle Newspaper & Website:  “Toy Piano Festival Comes to Astoria” writing and photography

Infinite Explorers Website: Millennial & Special Interest Features:

“Breaking Through with a Smile”- smileyinfiniteemplorers-docx

“Cathy Erway, An Appetite for Culinary Adventure”- infiniteexplorerscathyerway-docx

“Chelsea Rustrum, A Sharing Effort”- chelsearustruminfiniteexplorer

Edible Queens Print Edition & Website:  “The Iceman Scoopeth” Website: “Mimi’s Closet”

SamPan Print Edition:  “Chinese New Year: Escape to New York” & “What Does it Mean to be Chinese in America?” 

Writing Samples PDF

My blogs (The Spoon and Apron and Local718) have been featured on Gothamist, Time Out New York, and The New York Times.

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